Weapon of choice, the movie


TAG LINE:=  "Whether you live or die depends on your weapon of choice"

synopsis 1 =

When a crimelord "Banducci" kidnaps "Jaime", the niece of a retired assassin "Jack" for a payback, Jack un-retires his gifted skills of extermination, and the streets of San Francisco becomes a battleground for an one man killing machine and ruthless, united mob bosses.

Jack pledges to put the gangsters on the "endangered species list".  However, cunning Banducci is no cakewalk.  He'll do anything to stop Jack and keep him from rescuing Jaime, including getting the law on his side.  Whether Jack lives or dies will depend on his Weapon of Choice.


Jack Lee walked away from his violent past to raise his dead brother's daughter Jaime as his own. They lived a quiet new life until Michael Banducci broke the deal that set it up, kidnapping Jaime to cash in on old debts and to buy his own ticket to riches. Banducci's only problem: Jack won't let him. It's kill or be killed, with the only option which way to do it. Jack Lee is a weapons master, including his own hands, and he knows whether you live or die depends on your weapon of choice. It's a lesson he needs to teach Banducci before Jaime is forever lost.



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