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Kang is brilliant here. Channeling “Beat” Takeshi and combining a few other classic yakuza movie elements to his character, Kang carries this feature more with his mannerisms and demeanor than with his martial arts choreography, which is incredible in its own right.

“An electrifying screen presence, and some of the best movie fighting you’re likely to see anywhere. If you’re a fan of the action movie genre you need to check out, as soon as you can, what Jino Kang is all about. You will not be disappointed” -

Stunts/Action Reel

"Kang has that “it” factor, the drive, the skills, and the personality to be an action star...he reminds me of people like Dan Inosanto (GAME OF DEATH) or Sho Kosugi (REVENGE OF THE NINJA). He has his own persona as well, one that translates to film quite nicely. The story is engaging, the action scenes are expertly choreographed and when action does kick in, it blows you away. Jino Kang practices Hapkido and it’s pretty amazing how he uses it within the film. His fighting style is unique and deadly. I love how he carries himself onscreen.” - Corey Danna,

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